A recent survey of over 400 employers reveals that employers are committed to offering health benefits to active employees, and that interest in private exchanges remains strong. In addition, the vast majority of employers surveyed reported that it is very important for their advisors to be independent of any exchange solution they consider.

The survey was conducted in November 2014 by the Private Exchange Evaluation Cooperative (PEEC), an initiative backed by five employer healthcare coalitions, and PwC, an independent consulting firm that does not offer its own private exchange. Past studies have documented increased employer interest in exchanges, but many were conducted by insurance companies or brokers with vested interests in their own private exchange solutions. PEEC is the first independent and objective initiative that aims to provide employers with unbiased information on private exchange strategies.

Key findings of the survey include:
97% remain committed to offering health benefits to active employees
47% have implemented or will consider a private exchange for active employees by 2018
48% believe the availability of narrow network plans is important
71% consider the availability of ACOs and new delivery models important
95% say disclosure of exchange fees and revenue is important
72% agree that it is very important that their advisor be independent of any exchange they are considering

An executive summary of the survey is available on the PEEC’s website,