Most companies spend a “fortune” on employee healthcare benefits, but relatively few do much to encourage employees to take care of their own health. Implementing a well-designed wellness program can provide the motivation your employees need to take steps that will improve their health and productivity, and your company’s bottom line.

For example, a health-contingent wellness program allows an employer to require employees who fail to meet targeted outcomes to pay up to 30% more for the cost of their coverage than employees who meet their goals. The permitted differential rises to 50% for programs that are designed to prevent or reduce tobacco use. Strong incentives provide strong motivation to change behavior.

If you already have a wellness program in place, we can review it for compliance and cost-effectiveness, whether it is participatory or health-contingent. We can also help you design a new wellness program that complies with Federal regulations and connect you with vendors who will help you execute your plan.

With our wellness program support, you will know that your employees are motivated to make lifestyle changes that will benefit both themselves and your company.

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