Everyone has heard plenty about healthcare reform, but do you know what your company needs to do to avoid being penalized? Getting the answer wrong can be financially catastrophic, and it’s not always clear who you should turn to for help.

Your broker may be able to assist you with some elements of the new law. And you could hire an accountant or attorney to explain less well-known provisions. We believe the better choice is to let us help you because we possess a unique understanding of the law, the market, and how they affect each other and your company.

Our Affordable Care Act Compliance services include an analysis of your applicable large employer status, employee benefit eligibility, and your plan’s affordability and minimum value. We also go beyond your compliance obligations and look for alternative approaches that you can use to achieve your company’s strategic goals.

With our wide-ranging expertise, you will know that your employee benefit plan is not only compliant, but also strategic.

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