Mueller QAAS helps employers navigate the challenges within the Affordable Care Act ensuring they are compliant and strategic.  Below is a list of questions that employers were asking themselves before calling us.  If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re on the right track at identifying common areas of concern for employers.

  • How should I manage my part-time employees?  How will they affect my health insurance costs in the future?


  • Seasonal employees are essential for my business, are they treated differently?


  • I’ve heard a lot about harsh penalties, is there a way to make sure my employee benefit plan is compliant?


  • Of course I care about my employees, but where do I get advice that considers that my business needs to continue to be profitable and stays ahead of competitors?


  • I really like my broker, but I know he makes commission on selling me insurance.  How can ensure my broker is presenting me all options?  Not just those that are best for his bottom line?


Contact Mueller QAAS to get answers.  We have the attorneys to ensure your plan is compliant, and business strategy to ensure your business continues to grow.