With a small staff, will you be able to service my account properly?

We serve dozens of satisfied clients ranging in size from 2 to over 2,000 employees, and are fully prepared to grow as needed. We are also open to working on a project/a la carte basis if it better suits a client’s needs. We prefer to focus on quality over quantity with our staff so clients always have a familiar point of contact who can handle most, if not all, of their needs at any time. Our President and CEO, Jim, also prefers to spend his time interacting with clients and his community instead of managing employees.

Can mueller QAAS offer the type of coverage I need?

 Yes. We are an “open shop” and can help clients evaluate any viable solution, including group, association, level-funded, and self-funded plans.

Does mueller QAAS charging additional consulting fees?

 Any fee arrangement we negotiate is in place of traditional producer compensation, not in addition to it. Our compensation model is completely transparent: what you see is what you get. There are no additional, hidden, or supplemental fees beyond the client-negotiated fee arrangement. On top of that, rather than costing extra, our compensation model nearly always saves clients’ money.

I’ve heard that Jim used to take bonus money, but now he says it’s bad. What gives?

Conflict of interest was not a big problem when there was plenty of competition in the market to keep it in check. In today’s consolidated market, what is best for the broker is not always best for the consumer. Consumers need aligned incentives in such a consolidated market.

Changing benefits brokers is an HR nightmare. Why should we switch?

Our primary goals are to offer objective advice, save businesses money, and help employers remain competitive. That being said, we will not tell you to switch brokers. We are, however, happy to lend our expert insight to your current situation and provide you with a better picture of your options. Should you decide to work with us, our world-class compliance, HR, and enrollment support actually takes much of the workload off of your HR department. Feel free to email or call us for more information about how we can help you and your HR department.

Can you really save us money?

Beyond providing exceptional account management and client services, we really do save almost all ofour clients a substantial amount of money. We’ll provide a real-life example:

We recently saved a Milwaukee-area private charter school 47% on health premiums by changing insurance carriers. Their prior broker had not shopped the market in many years and said an 11% increase from a large national carrier was their best option. Mueller QAAS conducted a needs assessment with the school’s employees and went to market with the information we gathered. We then recommended the school move to a lower cost local carrier with a high-performing network and wellness program. The changes resulted in increased enrollment (aiding retention), at lower cost to the school. For more stories like this, visit our Testimonials page.