Don’t know where to start with your employee benefits? 

We help you evaluate ALL your options so you can provide competitive benefits for your current and future employees. No matter if you need fully-insured, level-funded, or self-funded plans, we’ll guide you through each decision-making, implementation, and compliance process. 

Mueller-QAAS  offers world-class, fully objective insurance benefits consulting for individuals and employers of all sizes, across all industries, in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. We are experts in:  

  • Benefits solutions, installation, & maintenance
  • Healthcare, insurance, and benefits industry trends 
  • Compliance 
  • Insurance providers 
  • Healthcare providers  
  • Current Healthcare Legislation 

Whether you have had benefits for years or are a first-time “shopper,” we’ll use our expertise to smoothly guide you through your next renewal. Whether you have 5 or 500+ employees, we’ve got you covered!