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There will be slices of the pie.” – Jim Mueller

“If the PBM industry doesn’t clean up its act, I believe it is only a matter of time before we see more government regulation in this space.” – Jim Mueller

“We had such a special culture, so we knew it was going to be different. When we sold, my heart was broken.” – Jim Mueller

“When costs are not aligned with value, low-quality care can actually cost more than high-quality care.” – Jim Mueller

“I’m very bullish on Coreen Dicus-Johnson.” – Jim Mueller

“Ten thousand Americans are turning 65 every day. That is putting a tremendous amount of stress on health care systems because the $500 reimbursement they receive from private payers becomes $100 when reimbursed by Medicare.” – Jim Mueller

“Top management is concerned about integration and culture, which doesn’t have a lot to do with delivering health care.” – Jim Mueller

“I don’t want any temptation to steer business.” – Jim Mueller

“Drug addiction is costing us $80 billion annually in medical care, addiction treatment and lost productivity. There were 63,632 drug overdose deaths in 2016, with two thirds of those deaths opioid-related.” – Jim Mueller

“It was more complex than a normal negotiation, primarily based on the geography and recent merger announcement by Advocate and Aurora.” – Jim Mueller

“I’m coming in as a partner to help expand their portfolio in the benefits area . . . It’s a natural fit.” – Jim Mueller

“Working together, we can improve the quality of life for all.” – Jim Mueller

“Milwaukee needs private and public leadership to be bold to make progress and create opportunities in our community.” – Jim Mueller

“This is a slippery slide because now the others have to decide what they’re going to do.” – Jim Mueller

“Employers are not as complacent as they were in a high unemployment marketplace. They are shopping around and are more proactive.” – Jim Mueller

“10,000 Americans are going on Medicare every day. That’s a big, big factor because Medicare pays providers less than commercial insurers.” – Jim Mueller

“I hope everyone recognizes that the new balance of power brings with it an opportunity to look past the politics and make health care great for all Americans.” – Jim Mueller

“We are growing our client roster and our workforce. Last year, we saw our number of clients grow by more than 60 percent and we recently hired our fifth employee in anticipation of continued growth.” – Jim Mueller

“For providers, insurers and brokers, the ACA has been an overall win . . . There is still a tidal wave coming for employers, but many don’t believe it.” – Jim Mueller

The event was hosted by Jim Mueller of mueller QAAS.

“It’s a big deal, especially if you’re sick or receiving treatment, because you can’t replace the policy with the same network.” – Jim Mueller

“The biggest thing for the long-term competitiveness of this marketplace is it’s absolutely essential they (Ascension) get an ‘A’ or ‘A-plus’ leader.” – Jim Mueller

“I think it’s a very short-term decision, it’s uncommon and it’s the first time they’ve ever tried this strategy.” – Jim Mueller

“Within Ascension, Wisconsin will be the second or third largest market, so it will receive a lot of attention.” – Jim Mueller

“A Wisconsin leader (for Ascension) will be named sometime in the first half of 2016, and that person will move swiftly on a total reorganization, integration and execution of a game plan.” – Jim Mueller

“Ideally, employers, providers and insurers should have a common goal.” – Jim Mueller

“Ultimately, that success of doing more for your client attracted more and more clients to us.” – Jim Mueller

“Today, while CEOs and CFOs play key roles in HR, they carry heavy loads and those within HR have stepped up to provide important leadership” – Jim Mueller

“You can essentially keep rate increases to zero percent” – Jim Mueller

“There is no question the union between ProHealth and Aurora really is dominant in Waukesha County now” – Jim Mueller

“I think the potential winners are going to be employers and consumers, and the providers in this network” – Jim Mueller

“There is a lot of optimism about this draft. We got No. 2 and I’m happy about that.” – Jim Mueller

“I think there’s a vision of change. I think you bring somebody in from the outside to execute that.” – Jim Mueller

“The vast majority of employers are not complying with the ADA and the EEOC — and now there’s the ACA” – Jim Mueller

“It’s a very, very lucrative move by ProHealth to set the stage for opportunities down the road. I think it’s a brilliant play if you look at the big picture.” – Jim Mueller

“It’s hard for any startup to compete with ‘the big three'” – Jim Mueller

“Employers will decide to get out of the health insurance business. It has been a major headache for years.” – Jim Mueller

“Aurora’s going to continue to take market share away from its competitors.” – Jim Mueller

“Medicine is about word of mouth . . . A reputation is earned over time, but can also go south overnight” – Jim Mueller