At mueller QAAS, we are totally transparent about our compensation and relationships. Our consultants do not accept commission, overrides, or compensation from outside sources. We are solely driven by an internal motivation to help clients save money, better navigate the healthcare system, and take control of their benefits plans. 

What Does This Mean?

 While the typical broker may be tempted by insurance companies’ override and bonus programs to push certain plans, we never are. Because we refuse to accept these incentives, you know that our advice is focused solely on your best interests. 

Check out our blog post on how the typical insurance broker gets paid.

Why Does This Matter?

Rising healthcare costs affect all employers, yet few employers are experts in healthcare and benefits. Don’t worry – we are. When you work with us, you don’t just gain better health benefits, you also gain:

  • a mutually beneficial partnership that will save you money over years
  • The tools to keep your business competitive
  • valuable industry resources and insights

We fight not only for higher value healthcare from providers, but also for high-value relationships with our clients. Some brokers may ask what your business can do for them, we ask what we can do for you and your employees.